26 Commits (master)

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  Christian Loch 2421ae31a5 Add mqtt server for brightness values 3 weeks ago
  Christian Loch b9ffab5c2b Add light sensor driver 3 weeks ago
  Christian Loch 42af035ae6 Add sdkconfig to gitignore 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 0cc804f3f8 Removed sdkconfig 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 0d0af25406 Merge branch 'master' of git@git.skalarprodukt.de:chris/Weather_ESP.git 10 months ago
  Loch Christian (uib05376) fe22b7013c Remove old u8g2 submodule config 10 months ago
  Loch Christian (uib05376) 79a99b0b35 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/spi_display' 10 months ago
  Christian Loch f386f2783e Implement sntp client and add display functionality 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 3cf6907a04 Set update interval to 500 ms 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 9b6f3b832a Refactor http server to separate component 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 286dac60ff Refactor sensor control to separate component 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 1e0c5837d6 Implement display updates 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 49a5240c52 Add Eva's temp to color functions 10 months ago
  Christian Loch ce0eefd81a Fix rgb value ordering 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 206c00c10f Remove TFT_lib as a submodule and add as components again 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 1cb397c98a Add ESP32_TFT lib, remove Ucglib 10 months ago
  Christian Loch 35de7c4d3c Add u8g2 as submodule 11 months ago
  Christian Loch 126a582c9f Removed u8g2 from index 11 months ago
  Christian Loch d251eb6358 Added simple HTTP Server 1 year ago
  Christian Loch 15051a0aca Restructured library calls to make them work 1 year ago
  Christian Loch b4b55678a9 Integrated BME280 Bosch library 1 year ago
  Christian Loch 6f7940a443 Imported u8g2 library and added example to main 1 year ago
  Christian Loch b12deb401c Imported Bosch BME280 driver 1 year ago
  Christian Loch a0015fc518 Add display start up manual 1 year ago
  Christian Loch cb340806a6 Create eclipse project 1 year ago
  Christian Loch 97415eaf2d Initial commit 1 year ago